Tri- um-viri AF

March 25, 2019

The group show is formed of three students from fourth year Painting and Printmaking whose body of work collectively explores a diverse range of identities. Our work seeks to convey a cultural vacuum experienced across a range of feminist intersections. Employing a range of mediums including painting, printmaking, drawing, photography interspersed with sculptural works.

This exhibition will reference traditional fine arts, challenging expectations of conventional painting and drawing. Through an array of colour palettes using repetition of form we seek to uncover an implied historical narrative, considering identity and personal experience.

Our collective works interrogate the past, present and future, alluding to a push and pull between loss and gain.

Pimpawan Wagamonmit interrogates Thailand’s complex cultural values, which are fast disappearing. Observing change within Thai cultures, in particular focusing on cultural heritage, exchange, immigration, politics, woven textiles and symbolic patterns.​ At the Art school, 20 Scott St, Glasgow G3 6PE

Last Future

18th – 25th March 2018

Last Futures is a collaboration between the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (RCS), The Glasgow School of Art (GSA), University of Glasgow (GU), and BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra. The project will culminate in an Exhibition and programme of events, curated by a student-led team from RCS, GSA and GU, and selected through this Call for Proposals. In addition, there will be a choreographed and directed performance, at Tramway Glasgow


Year 3 End of year show

March 22, 2018

End of year Exhibition, presenting a fantastic range of work spanning across multiple disciplines, show at the Glue Factory, Glasgow.

Year 2 End of year show

January 10, 2010

End of Year exhibition, Glasgow

International foundation

January 10, 2010

End of Year exhibition, showing a range of painting and installation art, Haldane Building, The Glasgow School of Art