My name is Pimpawan Wangamonmit. I was born in 1996 Suphanburi Province, Thailand. I am an undergraduate student currently taking BA (Hons) Painting and Printmaking at The Glasgow School of Art (final year). I have always work with my own interest and progressing through a series of subjects and themes across different medium such as painting and installation. The underlying theme of my work is looking into my own culture, which is Thai and further experiment through significant and traditional object, pattern and looking at the Thai historic mural. In particular, the one from the temple in the northeast region of Thailand border with Cambodia, my hometown. Reading in cultural heritage, exchanges, and immigrate, politics, and pattern as symbology. Thai’s people used to weave to exchange for living such as rice and household used. Exploring the cultural change through the objects that no one may not notice of this lost. For example, weaving, today fewer women learn to weave in Thailand and factory- produced textiles replace traditional hand-women cloth, these complex relationships are fast disappearing, production the effect between factories or manufacture production and artisanal effect.